Get the information / details of the given photoset

Request URL


No authentication required


key (Required)
User API application key.
photoset_id (Required)
The id of the photo to be displayed.
language (Optional)
Teu and es are supported, if not given, fetches both title and description.

Example Response

	<photoset id="46" user_id="2345678@01" primary="2541" photos="4">
		<title_es>my Spanish title</title_es>
		<description_es>my Spanish description</description_es>  
		<title_eu>my Basque title</title_eu>			
		<description_eu>my Basque description</description_eu>

Error Codes

102 - Unauthorised action
The user is not authorised to perform this action.
800 - Invalid Photo ID
The photo_id sent is not valid.
700 - Invalid credentials
The given authentication values (Token or API) is invalid.
203 - Insufficient parameters
The required arguments are missing