Modify the photos in a photoset by adding, removing and re-ordering the photos.

Request URL


User must use GG authentication using


token (Required)
Authenticated token.
key (Required)
User API application key.
photoset_id (Required)
The photoset id to which the photo will be added.
primary_photo_id (Required)
The id of the primary photo id for the current photoset.
photo_ids (Required)
A comma-delimited list of photo ids to include in the photoset. They will appear in the set in the order sent. This list must contain the primary photo id. All photos must belong to the owner of the photoset. This list of photos replaces the existing list.

Example Response

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <rsp stat="ok"/>

Error Codes

102 - Unauthorised action
The user is not authorised to perform this action.
300 - Invalid Photo ID
The photo_id sent is not valid.
800 - Invalid Photoset ID
The photo_id sent is not valid.
803 - Photo already exists in the photoset
The photo_id mentioned already exists in the photoset.
805 - Primary photo not found
The primary photo id of the photoset.
806 - No photos specified
No photo ids were specified.
807 - Primary photo not in list
The primary photo id was not specified in the list of photo ids.
700 - Invalid credentials
The given authentication values (Token or API) is invalid.
203 - Insufficient parameters
The required arguments are missing